Cursillo Movement

Make a Friend, Be a Friend, Bring a Friend to Christ

What is Cursillo? 

"Cursillo is a “Movement of the Catholic Church that, with its own method, makes it possible to live what is fundamental for being a Christian..” The method helps to create communities of Christians who are interested in bringing the Good News to their environments as they grow and become authentic Christians themselves. This goal is accomplished by the Cursillo method of fostering piety, study, and action through the various groups and structures of the movement."  (From their website – check it out here: )   

Cursillo Weekend

The Cursillo weekend is a short course in Christianity. "The purpose of the weekend is to facilitate an encounter with Christ in order to experience a full and progressive renewal of baptismal commitments. The focus of the weekend is initially the individual’s relationship with Christ, then the development of the Christian Ideal, and finally the application of this ideal to their environment."  (From website.)  A Cursillo weekend can be life-changing! 

Cursillo Community

We have small Post-Cursillo-Weekend groups that meet in our parish (see the phone number below for more details).  There is also a large group, called Ultreya, which meets once a month.  The Central Region Ultreya now meets in the basement Hall of Immaculate Heart of Mary in Concord (on Loudon Road) on the second Friday of every month (except July) at 7 PM. 

Joining the Movement

If you're interested in deepening your relationship with Christ, then Cursillo could be for you!  Please come by one of our Ultreyas, which are open to all Catholics.  You may also call Nate Chapman for more information at 485-9086.