Kairos Prison Ministry

“… I was in prison and you visited me.”  (Matthew 25)


What Kairos Is

The mission of Kairos prison ministry is to change the hearts and transform the lives of those who are incarcerated.  Kairos volunteers bring Christ to the prisoners, serving as instruments of God’s love, mercy, and grace in order to touch their hearts and set them free from the chains that have bound them.  The ministry continues to reach into the hearts and minds of the inmates to transform their lives, changing their old ways of thinking, and teaching them the profound goodness of personal responsibility.  By giving them hope for the future, they may grow stronger in loving relationships, knowing that they are not alone.

How We Can Help

The Kairos prison ministry is always in need of prayer support.  Our parishioners also donate unused greeting cards for the use of the ministered inmates, so that they may begin to heal broken relationships in their families and learn to give of themselves to others.  Any unused cards may be brought to the rectory during office hours or left in the back of the church after Mass.  Parishioners have also baked cookies for the participants as part of the ministry, so that they may share them with other prisoners who might otherwise treat them badly because of their newfound devotion to Jesus Christ.

For More Information

Please visit the New Hampshire Kairos website:  http://www.kairosnh.org/

If you believe that you are being called to volunteer, or if you would like to make other donations, please call Nate Chapman at 485-9086 for more details.