The Traditional Latin Mass

 The Traditional Latin Mass is celebrated in our church at 11:30 AM on the first Sunday of every month.

For nearly 1,400 years, the Traditional Latin Mass was the Liturgy of the Catholic world. It was the Mass at which practically every Pope, and Saint and Christian of the West worshipped from 600 A.D. to 1970 A.D.

It was the Mass that Catholic martyrs gave their blood to preserve during the Protestant Reformation. It was the Mass that united Christians across Continents and across centuries. It has been described as "the most beautiful thing this side of heaven."

With the crises in the world today, more and more people (even young people) seek an alternative to the "modern world." They are returning in great numbers to the wisdom of the ages, to things tested and timeless.

Recognizing that the Traditional Latin Mass has never been abolished or forbidden by the Second Vatican Council, Pope Benedict XVI affirmed in his July 7, 2007 Motu Proprio entitled "Summorum Pontificum" the right of every Catholic priest in the world to offer this Mass.  Pope Benedict XVI also expresses the wish that the treasure of the traditional Roman liturgy, which was celebrated without change for centuries, should be preserved for all generations.

After the publication of the Papal document, a few priests interested in the traditional Rite met at the diocesan chancery in Manchester to discuss what we were planning to do. After being examined (given a Latin Mass test) we were allowed to begin celebrating publicly the Latin Mass. Fr. Adrien began the Fall of 2007 at Sacred Heart Church in Laconia, offering the Latin Mass once a month. When he was transferred to Manchester in 2009, he contacted his friend Fr. Crowley, the then Pastor of St. John the Baptist, to inquire if he could use the Church in Suncook for his Latin Mass ministry. With Fr. Crowley's approval, the Latin Mass, the original Mass of our parish, returned to St John the Baptist in Suncook, NH.  All are welcome and many come from around the diocese to participate in this beautiful Liturgy.  We invite you to join us on first Sundays at 11:30 AM.