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Human In Utero – The First Day of Life

This is a drawing of you.Drawing of a human being at conception

This is what you looked like at the very beginning of your life.

In all the billions of galaxies in the universe, there is only one you – and you started as just one cell, about one tenth of a millimeter in size.

It may be strange for us to think of ourselves with such a tiny beginning.  But this is the miraculous truth of human life.  Created in the image and likeness of God, we are yet humble creatures.  Each of us is formed in the womb with the divine spark of life, following the design of our Creator.  You and I are, indeed, fearfully and wonderfully made.

The answer to the question of when your life began is simple.  You became alive at conception, when your mother’s egg and father’s sperm united.  Scientists, at the first stage of your life, would call you a zygote.  And no serious scientist would deny that you were alive.

When you looked like this picture, your genetic makeup was already complete.  Your eye color, hair color, gender, general build, facial features, and genetic predispositions in health were set – as were your inherited traits, or natural gifts. 

Nothing was added after conception to make you a complete human being.  You only needed nourishment and protection to help you to continue to grow and develop – just as you still do, now.

God knew His plan for you from the start.  Your parents didn’t yet know that you existed.  But God did.  The unique role that you can play in your family and in society was always known by your Creator.

Every one of us has a particular mission – your mission can only be fulfilled by you.  You are intricately formed and wonderfully alive – as you have been from the beginning.  What was true on your very first day of life is still true today: it is good that you are here.



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