"…the kingdom of God is at hand…" Mark 1:15

Ladies of Sainte Anne Sodality

To serve the Church, the Family, the ParishStatue of Sainte Anne teaching her young daughter

Saint Anne is the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary and grandmother of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  The Sodality of the Ladies of Sainte Anne is an Association of the Christian Faithful for women, especially, but not exclusively, wives and mothers, devoted to Sainte Anne and drawing strength and inspiration from her as patroness of women.  In our parish of St. John the Baptist, the Ladies have been active and vital for over 120 years!  To learn more about the rich history and formation of the Ladies of Sainte Anne, internationally and locally, please click HERE.

The Sodality's first aim is the personal sanctification of its members.  Sanctity consists in the love of God and neighbor.  The love of God is, first of all, to do His Holy Will in all things.  More concretely put, it is to carry out, in the best possible way, the duties of one’s state in life.  Good Sainte Anne was the perfect model of sanctity.  A Lady of Sainte Anne will accordingly learn from her how to do her best as woman, wife, mother, and apostle.  The Sodality strives to foster a more perfect Christian life through emulation and mutual support.

Being a Lady

Membership in the Ladies of Sainte Anne brings with it several advantages:

  1. The special protection of Sainte Anne over homes and families.
  2. A more perfect Christian formation, particularly as wife, as mother, and as apostle.
  3. The benefit of abundant reciprocal prayers from fellow members, both during life and after death.
  4. The possibility of performing a more efficacious apostolate in the home and in the parish: Sodalities of Sainte Anne strengthen family bonds.  Children become witnesses of the active faith of their mothers.  Thanks to the Sodalities of Sainte Anne, Ladies play a vital role in our society.  In our cold world, Sodalities provide warmth and apostolic zeal.
  5. An opportunity to grow spiritually: The Ladies of Sainte Anne are bound through their Baptism and Confirmation to strive toward the perfection of personal life. The Sodality, joined to the Arch-Confraternity of Ste. Anne de Beaupré, offers moral support and help, providing a source of blessings by ensuring the special protection of Sainte Anne.

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Some of the various actions of the Ladies in recent years:

The Ladies of Sainte Anne in the parish of St. John the Baptist lead the Rosary every May and October for our parishioners and annually host the Catholic War Veterans in the diocese.  They have been involved in Holy Family Day celebration, Sainte Anne Triduum, and St. John the Baptist Feast – as well as assisting families in need, giving gifts for First Communicants of the parish, and donating food to Pine Haven Boys Center and various religious communities.  The Ladies give Mother’s Day plants to members 90 plus years (with 3 members currently 100 years old and over). At the death of each member, the Sodality has a Mass said for her with a candle at the Sainte Anne statue in our church and yearly, during November, a Mass will be sung for all deceased members.  The Ladies have also provided a continuous burning candle at the Sainte Anne statue in our church, “Sainte Anne for World Peace”, since 2007. 

Through a special fundraiser, the Ladies of Sainte Anne raised $3,000 toward the parish debt.  They annually donate large sums to the parish for the Penny Sale, our biggest annual fundraiser.  You may see the Ladies at Fudge Sales at the Pembroke and Allenstown Old Home Day (this year celebrating 25 years) or at Christmas in the Village, Thanksgiving Bread Sales, Suppers, and Spring Plant Sales.  Fundraisers focus on the respect of their motto: TO SERVE THE CHURCH, THE FAMILY AND THE PARISH. 

Our parish has counted on the Ladies of Sainte Anne for over a century and we continue to do so. 

A Message from the Current President:

“All our members have chosen to fully assume responsibilities in human society and the Church.  Our sodality is greatly needed for its work, especially during these difficult times. The manifestations of these accomplishments are without a doubt a tribute to our members.  We say to Sainte Anne, thank you for allowing us to be privileged to belong to a Union of Christian Women.  It is Sainte Anne’s kind and efficient assistance that assists us in carrying out the work entrusted to us. As President I thank all our members.  It’s an honor and privilege serving with them.” ~ Evelyn Plourde

How to Become A Lady

Tuesday is the day dedicated to Sainte Anne – therefore, meetings are held 3rd Tuesday of the month, at 1 PM, from March-June and September-November.  Meetings are in the church, using the ramp entrance door.  Events and Business meetings are also posted in the church bulletin.  NEW MEMBERS WELCOMECome by a meeting and see us!  For more information, you may call Evelyn at 717-1188.

 a picture of some of the Ladies, 2015  –

 Ladies of Sainte Anne gathered in the church