National Evangelization Teams

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring the good news!” – Romans 10:15

It was our honor and joy to help send one of our young parishioners, Michaela Donovan, to become part of this ministry from August 2014 to May 2015 and again from August 2015 to May 2016. 

What is NET?

“NET Ministries challenges young Catholics to love Christ and embrace the life of the Church. Every August, 150 young Catholics aged 18-28 leave behind their jobs, school, family, and friends to devote nine months to serving with the National Evangelization Teams (NET).

“Divided into 14 teams, they travel across the U.S. for nine months to share the Gospel with young people and their families. Since 1981, NET teams have led over 29,000 retreats and ministered to more than 1.7 million young Catholics.”  (From their website

The Future Church

As Michaela has attested, this ministry truly changes hearts and minds.  So many young people live directionless lives with no faith and no true hope – because they do not know of Christ’s love for them.  By bearing personal witness to the reality of God and the abiding love of Jesus Christ, the young evangelists carry the Holy Spirit to those in need of consolation, healing, inspiration, motivation, and the joy of a virtuous life.

If you have ever wondered about the fate of the Church in the next generation, be not afraid!  As long as there are ministries like NET, volunteers like our parishioner, and parishes like ours to assist them, the Good News will continue to be spread and the youth of the world will hold high the light of Faith.  

Visit Her Blog

Michaela sent us posts from her mission 2015-2016, chronicling the good work of NET and her team, as well as her personal journey.  Full of insights and encouragement – check it out:

To help

Michaela was able to raise enough money to continue in this great ministry and truly appreciates all those who made donations for her support.  Want to continue to support the mission of young evangelists through NET?  Then, please go online to  And let's continue to support Michaela with our ongoing prayers for whatever mission that God leads her to next! Thank you!

a picture of Michaela and her Team, 2014-2015 The group of young missionaries