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Michaela's Mission Blog

Michaela's Mission Blog

More Than the Sparrows of the Sky

Posted by Mchaela Donovan on 4/18/16

Hello dear readers! Today's blog post finds my team and I in Cincinnati, Ohio. At this point in the year, we have put on 87 retreats and have ministered to 4,950 youth. I personally have ministered to 240 young ladies in my small groups since January. God truly has ... Read More »

Not Our Strength, but His

Posted by Mchaela Donovan on 3/10/16

"Before this retreat I always prayed, but I never listened.  Today I listened, and it felt amazing.  It was the best feeling ever;  I felt light, like I could float away into Heaven"

~Dylan C. 14 years old, Camden, OH.

"This retreat most impacted me at the end.  When ... Read More »

The Price of One Soul

Posted by Mchaela Donovan on 1/25/16

Hello friends!

It has almost been a month since my team has been back together. We spent a week in Minnesota for training purposes, and then travelled to Ohio, arriving on the 12th and diving right back into ministry that evening.  At this time, we have put on 50 ... Read More »

Give Thanks In All Times

Posted by Mchaela Donovan on 12/07/15

Hello everyone!

May the joy of the Advent season be with you! I pray that your Thanksgivings were filled with the blessings of family, friends, food, and above all else, the love of our Father in Heaven. 

My team and I had a week-long break for Thanksgiving, and so ... Read More »

Only in Him Will We Find Ourselves

Posted by Mchaela Donovan on 11/01/15

Hello everyone!

First off, I would like to share some statistics with you. As of right now my team has completed 21 retreats, ministered to 1,683 youth, and I personally have had 109 young ladies in my own small groups. We have stayed with 19 host families, and we've ... Read More »

Learning to Love

Posted by Mchaela Donovan on 10/13/15

Hello all!

My team and I have started making our home in the beautiful state of Ohio! We have been doing ministry work for roughly two weeks, and it is already amazing to see what God has done.

Thus far we have stayed with 11 different host homes, put ... Read More »

From NET Ministries Training in Minnesota

Posted by Christina Chase on 9/22/15

Hello all! It's Michaela Donovan, coming to you from NET Ministries training in West St Paul, Minnesota! It's been four weeks since I left lovely New Hampshire and I have been placed on the Cincinnatti Regional Team. This means that my team and I will spend our year traveling ... Read More »


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